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What you should know about COVID-19

(COrona VIrus Disease 2019)

What You Should Know Testing in The US CDC Guidelines


How to manage Coronavirus related anxiety

Whether its concern for an at-risk loved one, stress about new workplace dynamics or anxiety caused by social distancing here are some helpful resources

Coronavirus anxiety - OneMedical 

How to prepare- CDC 

Additional Resources

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About Our Practice

Finding a medical practice that offers a full spectrum of care for every stage of life can be challenging. Family Medicine Austin provides comprehensive preventive, diagnostic, and disease management care for individuals and families throughout the Austin, Texas area. With an expert medical team led by board-certified family medicine physician, Dr. Lamia Kadir, the practice offers compassionate, quality healthcare for patients over the age of 4. Dr. Kadir offers a menu of services that includes ADHD diagnosis and treatment, allergy testing and treatment plans, anti-aging medicine, dermatology care, and more.

Family Medicine Austin accepts most major insurance plans and offers easy, online appointment scheduling and onsite lab services. From annual well visits and disease prevention to pediatric and adult vaccinations and innovative dermatology care, the practice offers a one-stop, healthcare solution that’s conveniently close to home. The Family Medicine Austin team looks forward to meeting you.

Are you taking the right medications for YOU? 

Our practice offers Pharmacogenetic (PGx) Medication Metabolism Assessments to ensure we target the right treatment and prescribe the proper medication compatible with your unique genetic make-up. 

Contact our office to schedule your assessment today! 

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  • M.   Rahman
    M. Rahman
  • Heather    Lenz
    Heather Lenz
    Physician Assistant
  • Betsy    Blank
    Betsy Blank
    Nurse Practitioner
  • Macy   Lozen
    Macy Lozen
    Medical Assistant
  • Virginia  Maldonado
    Virginia Maldonado
    Allergy Technician
  • Maria    Iniguez
    Maria Iniguez
    Medical Assistant
  • Cristal   Frias
    Cristal Frias
    Medical Assistant
  •  Betsy    Prieto
    Betsy Prieto
    Front Desk

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Ideal Medicine is a low-cost medical practice model allowing primary care physicians to have direct relationships with their patients. Direct Primary Care doctors are reimbursed directly by their patients, or their patients’ employers.

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Accepted Insurance Providers

Please contact the office for additional information on accepted insurances.

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Scott & White Health Plan
Seton Health Plan
United Healthcare

Words from our patients

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    "Dr. Kadir is one of the best health care professionals I have encountered in my entire life as a patient."

    Tia S.
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    "Honest, professional, thorough, well-informed, compassionate, empathetic. I feel extremely fortunate to have found Dr. Kadir, and she has my highest recommendation."

    Carlos R.
  • With Dr. Kadir’s support, I started juicing and dropped my cholesterol 130 points! She was so happy for me, no medications! She’s caring and encouraging....!"

    Joyce L.