Ideal Medicine


What is Ideal Medicine?

It is Direct Primary Care (DPC). It is a low-cost medical practice model allowing primary care physicians to have direct relationships with their patients. Direct Primary Care doctors are reimbursed directly by their patients or their patients’ employers.

Patient Perspective

Direct Primary Care was created for patients. Patients of DPC practices enjoy high-quality primary care medical services for less cost. In addition to medical services found in a primary care setting, patients typically receive longer visits, improved access to DPC practices and physicians, less waiting times, telemedicine convenience, and an emphasis on preventive medicine.

Member Benefits:
◦ Exceptional physician committed to the highest level of care
◦ Direct Access to Dr. Kadir in person and by phone/email
◦ Same Day or Next Day Office Visits with a dedicated appointment time, during regular office hours
◦ Time to address all your concerns
◦ Yearly “Head to Toe” Comprehensive Physical
◦ Yearly Comprehensive Lab Testing: Cholesterol, Sugar, Liver, Kidney, Electrolytes, Blood Count, and Urine Tests at a discounted rate
◦ Low Cost Laboratory Tests/ Immunizations at Cost
◦ Access to a secure Patient Portal for all Lab Results
◦ Emphasis on Wellness and Prevention
◦ Access to Telemedicine services (from the comfort of your own home)
◦ Home visits as necessary for Level 2 Patients
◦ No bills for routine medical services. No deductibles. No hassles.

Services Provided: 
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Services Not Included:
◦ Urgent Care/Emergency Room Visits/Hospitalizations
◦ Radiology Testing
◦ Specialist Care
◦ Injectables/Prescription Medications/Immunizations
◦ Medical Equipment/Supplies (Boots, Shoe Inserts, Laceration/Skin Biopsy Trays, etc)
◦ Most Labs are available at Discounted Rates

Cost: Age Based

Adults: 18-64 $40/month

Adults: 64+ $50/month (We do not accept Medicare)

Children: $30/month, $10 each additional child

Patient Visit Fee: $10 (15-30 min)
Enrollment Fee: $20 (waived for Employer Agreements)
Renrollment Fee: $50 per patient (not waived)

Enrollment Fee: $20 (waived for Employer Agreements)
Renrollment Fee: $50 per patient (not waived)

Renrollment Fee: $50 per patient (not waived)

How can I learn more?

Call us, Dr. Kadir or Casey are more than happy to answer your questions: 512 872 6868. You may also schedule a 15 min free consultation with Dr. Kadir.

Is Ideal Medicine a form of insurance?

No, your member fees pay for primary health care. Care outside of Dr. Kadir’s office is not covered. The Affordable Act mandates that all Americans have insurance. A high-deductible or catastrophic plan combined with Dr. Kadir’s DPC plan is ideal.

Is there a contract?

No, this is a monthly membership. You have the right to cancel anytime. Details are contained within the patient agreement.

Informative Articles:
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For more information explaining Direct Primary Care, please watch this video:

We look forward to taking care of you, your family and employees in 2017. Call (512) 872-6868 for a free consultation with Dr. Kadir or email our office at 

In Good Health,
Lamia Kadir, M.D.