Dr. Kadir Discusses National Women’s Health Week On Kxan

In light of National Women’s Health Week happening now, it’s a good time to remind all women to take their health seriously by making a simple appointment that can also benefit others. Dr. Lamia Kadir specializes in family practice medicine and is one of ZocDoc’s top doctors in Austin and she joined us in the studio with more details. ZocDoc makes it easy for patients to find and book an appointment with in-network doctor quickly and helps patients stay on top of important checkups with tailored reminders.

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Modest Mealtimes – Bestow the Gift of Healthy Eating
Holiday season is in full swing, with all the indulgences it entails: cookies and candy exchanged among neighbors, big meals with family and parties with friends. While it may be tempting to forget about weight and dietary issues for a few weeks, you might see this time of family togetherness as the best moment to assess your family’s lifestyle and double down on your commitment to helping your children find and maintain a healthy weight.
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Dr. Kadir featured in KVUE story about prescription drugs & driving

“The two of them together are a potent combination,” said Family Physician Dr. Lamia Kadir. Dr. Kadir said both drugs have a long list of side effects including nausea, dizziness, and hyperventilation.

“These medications have, are causing more accidents on our roads than drunk driving. So this is a huge issue,” she said.

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Dr. Kadir featured in KVUE story about Student Vaccinations

Dr. Lamia Kadir is a family medicine physician at Round Rock St. David’s Medical Center. She says students get most vaccinations during regular doctor’s visits and are usually up-to-date by the time they start school. Kadir sees first-hand the effectiveness of vaccinations in keeping children healthy.

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